The Front Row Mirror is a reflection of my passion for fashion and my way to understand it.

Fashion is much more than clothes and accessories. I understand fashion as a way to express yourself, a way to express your personality, your emotions, your feelings and your mood. Fashion is a way to communicate, is creativity, is an is a way to understand life.

The Front Row Mirror is the window through which I will share with you this vision. I will share with you my own style, but also the style I apply in others to enhance their inner and outer natural beauty.

I will spot new trends, fashion events, news, shops and designers worthy to be highlighted…but also places, artists, and art events which are an inspiration on which fashion feeds.

The master designers will always be my reference and my source of inspiration, however I believe fashion shouldn’t be an exclusive privilege for only a few people,  but an affordable “luxury” that everyone should be able to enjoy. Dressing with style is possible for every pocket. And showing this, will be one of my aims in The Front Row Mirror.

If you share my passion for fashion and want to see more, look in my mirror and follow me!